Have you thought about what kind of customer experience you deliver to your customers? You need to consider this every day in your business! Have you asked your customer how they feel about you and your service? If you have great, continue to do it and thank them for their comments. Will they post them online for you? Ask them if they would go online to Yelp, Angie’s list, Google, Facebook page, any review site will work. If you have not asked them start today!! It is a great opportunity to grow you client base.

Your online reviews will be great for potential customers to see. In addition it can and will boost your online presence and rating. The best ad is the one the customer delivers for you. New customers are far more likely to listen to them. There is something very powerful about a customer testimonial. When they do make comments, thank them and if they are not so good make the proper apology and learn from it.

Your customer’s perception is your reality! It only matters what your customer thinks. Treat them well every single time! Make them feel special and deliver an excellent experience each time you see them. This needs to be true of every person on your staff. It does not matter whether it is in person or on the phone. The reward for an excellent experience is increased sales and referrals.

This is so simple and does not cost a dime!!