This is a delicate and difficult situation for companies and must be handled with great care and done in the right way. When a client is unhappy with a company, it is a great opportunity to learn and grow. In addition, it can make or break a relationship with a client depending on how it is resolved.

Many times a problem occurs with a client and you are not even aware of it. Most clients will just go to a competitor and you won’t even know what happened until it is too late.
The key is to have open communication with each client to avoid this situation. However, if this does occur and a client is complaining about your product or service it is vital that you listen to their story for as long as they want to tell it. Next you must empathize, acknowledge and resolve the problem. You must apologize over and over until you are sure they are feeling better about the situation.

At no time do you want to be defensive or annoyed or offer excuses. This will do nothing to make them feel better about the issue. In fact, it will just make it worse.
Ask the customer if you can make it up to them and how you can do that. This is tricky and can cost money but, It will not put you out of business. If you do not resolve client issues you have more of a chance of going out of business. Tell them what they need to hear, give them what they want. Most of the time they just want to be heard and understood and it will not require anything financial.

It will cost a great deal to find a new customer and they will not spend as much as a current customer. It takes time, money and energy to acquire a new customer and once you do, you must not lose them. Retention is as important as the acquisition! Keep them happy as much as you possibly can.