We all have products and services than can be duplicated. What will make us stand out in the crowd is the experience we offer our customers. Customers never rave about average service. They experience plenty of that. What they notice and get excited about is excellence. This is what they tell their friends about! This is what has them coming back again and again. This is what helps to increase your sales.

It doesn’t cost a dime to offer an excellent experience. You just have to understand how important it is. It is the right thing to do, that is so simple and it will work every time. This is so basic and often overlooked. Businesses spend so much time and money on marketing and then when they do encounter a customer they drop the ball. They lose the sale because they did not handle the customer properly on the phone or at the location. Most times they don’t even realize what happened. All those marketing dollars out the window!

You have to ask yourself and your customer, “are you offering an excellent customer experience?” Were you and your staff smiling and happy to greet the customer? Did you listen to them and understand their needs? Did you make time for them and answer all their questions? Were you at your very best? Were you polite and professional? Did you deliver the product or service and thank them for their business? Will the customer look forward to dealing with your company again? Will they refer you to all their friends? Did you make them so happy that they will post an online review and rave about you?

Here’s the facts about this situation: 80% of business owners think they are offering outstanding service; only 8% of their customers agree. It doesn’t matter what you think. The only opinion that matters is the customers. Their perception is your reality! Remember this is easy, important, and it’s free. Most important to you is that it will increase your sales.