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By: Ladonna Armstrong
Editor and Owner of Aiken Bella Magazine.

The Women’s Interactive Network (WIN) Fall luncheon will take place on September 20th at Newberry Hall in Aiken.
WIN is dedicated to creating success for business women. WIN’s goal is to get women connected, sharing, learning and growing together. It encourages women to do business together, refer business to each other and empowers them to be their very best. Throughout the year WIN hosts network lunch meetings, training seminars – including leadership training, after hour’s network events, and more!

WIN’s motto is: “ONE WOMAN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, BUT TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE OUR WORLD!” Wonderful things happen when women work together! By collaborating, they can all move forward to achieve success together.

The first WIN event was held in January of 2018 when 75 business women gathered for lunch, presentations and discussions about women’s issues in the workplace. Topics that have been discussed include sexual misconduct, stress in the workplace and women collaborating instead of competing. Awards were given to recognize women making a difference in the community. WIN was proud to shine a light on them for their passionate work and contributions.

Participants at past WIN events have shared that the positive energy in the room has really inspired them! Here’s what some of the attendees had to say: Rota Krape from Foundations for Health, “WIN is a group of area women who have fun networking in a relaxed, nonthreatening environment”. Abigail Tiefenthaler from Sweet Spot Strategies thinks “WIN is an amazing opportunity to bring the best and brightest Aiken businesswomen together. Eleanor puts on a top notch luncheon that offers networking, inspiration and information that makes us all better women both professionally and personally. Sherri Siler from CSRA Media, who has attended every event, says “WIN is fun, educational, inspirational and a great place to network and support like-minded business-women.”

WIN was founded by Eleanor Togneri, owner of Business ExSellence. She is a business consultant and employee trainer supported by 35 years of experience in the business world. Eleanor was very happy to start this group in Aiken when she moved here from New Jersey in 2017. She still has a similar women’s group in New Jersey that continues to thrive and meet several times a year. That group has been active since 2012. Over the years many important topics have been covered by fabulous speakers and the feedback from the women who attended has been overwhelmingly positive.

When Eleanor became a resident of Aiken, she was excited to bring this same level of energy and offerings to women in this area. Her desire is to empower women, teach them and give them tools to excel and create success in their businesses. Eleanor believes that women should collaborate instead of competing and that they are at their best when they work together. Empowering women in business is very important. Eleanor always says “alone we are smart, together we are brilliant”.

Eleanor has also been excited about working with other women’s groups in the area. She has become a member of Successful Women’s Mastermind Alliance (SWMA) run by Abigail Tiefenthaler and continues to find other women’s groups where she can participate.

Togneri claims the WIN events are her very favorite events of the year. “The vibe and the energy are fantastic and exciting. The women are all so caring and generous. It’s amazing to be in the room with a dynamic group of professional women. It may sound silly, but there is something magical about an event with business women who are open to sharing and growing.”

Past WIN event sponsors have been Atlantic Broadband, Apollen Wealth Management, CSRA Multi Media, USCA, Tyler’s Sanitation, SWMA, Merrill Lynch, Get Healthy with Barb, The Hills at Cumberland Village, Aiken Weight No More, as well as The Village Café.

Some of the past speakers have been Mary Driscoll, Vice Chancellor for Advancement at USCA, Dana Rideout a licensed counselor in Aiken, Joy Trammell from Tontour, Barbara Gunnels from Get Healthy with Barb and Allison Reaves from The Right Click.

The September luncheon will focus on what’s happening with women in politics today, especially with so many women being elected into office in 2018. Women have certainly come a long way and this is an exciting time for women to step up and share their talents, experiences and wisdom!

Next up for WIN is an After-Hours networking event on October 22nd at the Newbridge Polo Club.